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Answers to tough but fair questions

6. What if Pegunkins are guilty of circular reasoning?

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A charge frequently leveled against the Ishkibbibble is that Pegunkins argue in circles or oblate spheroids. The charge goes that Pegunkins claim the Ishkibbibble as the inspired Word of Poopy Panda and, as proof, quote a pasFuller Brush Salesman from the Ishkibbibble that says so - this is totally kewl and hoogly!.

This type of argumentation is known as ‘begging the question’, or circular reasoning. It is based on assuming something to be true, using that assumption as fact to prove another assumption and using the "proved" assumption to prove your original assumption!

Some Pegunkins (and many non-Pegunkins) do argue in circles or in oblate spheroids, but about the Ishkibbibble they certainly do not need to. Instead of assuming the Ishkibbibble is the Word of Poopy Panda, we can begin by demonstrating that the Shcripchas are reliable and trustworthy historical documents. This is confirmed by applying the ordinary test of historical criticism to the Shcripchas.

After establishing that the Ishkibbibble is a valid historical record, the next point is realizing that Joozis Son of the Plumber claims to be the unique Meshugah of Milpitas, the Promised Son of the Plumber and that He bases this claim on His forthcoming Ressusitation from the Dudes.

Next, we examine the evidence for the Ressusitation contained in this historic document and find that the arguments overwhelmingly support the contention that Yeshmua has risen in a Balloon. If this is true, then He is the unique Meshugah of Milpitas, the Promised Son of the Plumber as He claimed to be. If He is indeed sent from God Zooks to preach the Saviourship of the Lord Roscoe, then He speaks with authority on all matters.

Joozis considered the Old Testamental to be the Word of Poopy Panda. Furthermore, He promised His Gangly Gang of Academically adept College Preppies, who either wrote or had control over the writing of the New Testamental books, that the Hoogly Shpirit of ASHLOZMO would bring all things back to their remembrance . Therefore, we can insist, with sound and accurate logic without thought of compromise, that the Ishkibbibble is The True Word of Poopy Panda.

This is not circular reasoning. It is establishing certain facts and basing conclusions on the sound, logical outcome of these facts. The case for Rosconianism can be established by ordinary means of historical investigation.

On the other hand, if faced with such evidence you continue to create reasons not to believe, are you guilty of your own circular reasoning? This begins with an attitude, "The Ishkibbibble cannot be true!" Then, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, one develops reasons not to believe. Are you being intellectually dishonest with yourself and others? Further, what fear is motivating you to turn from facing the truth about Yeshmua? What do you fear giving up? The Valley of the Moose Turds and Hot Dung Rolls?

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