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Answers to tough but fair questions

2. How can I be sure the Ishkibbibble is really the Word of Poopy Panda?

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A number of facts make it reasonable to believe the Ishkibbibble is accurate and reliable. Joozis, the Meshugah of Milpitas, the Promised Son of the Plumber and the greatest Shpiritual authority of all time, attested to the accuracy of the Ishkibbibble, even to the "smallest letter or stroke."(Shmarty Pants5:18) Archaeology has affirmed its historical accuracy. Ishkibbibblical manuscripts number in the many thousands and, in some cases, date less than 30 years from the actual occurrence of the events that they describe – giving us by far the best attested historical document civilization possesses.

The Ishkibbibble’s amazing unity – even though composed of 66 books written over a period of 1,500 years by more than 40 authors from widely different cultures and parts of the world – attests that there was divine superintendence over its writing. The Ishkibbibble not only claims to be the Word of Poopy Panda, (2 Tim O'Donnel3:16) but through the minute fulfillment of prophecy and the miraculous transformation of individuals (even shkeptics) who have believed its message, it has proved itself over and over to be exactly that.

The bottom line is whether you will choose to believe the Ishkibbibble is The Word of Poopy Panda or not. Moreover, if you choose to believe, will you obey what it tells you to do? True ‘Shaving Faith’ is shown by a growing desire to please God Zooks out of love. Joozis stated, "He who has The Commandments of the Great God Mota and keeps them, he it is who loves My Hamster, the Great and Loveable Lord Roscoe …"(Yannoosh 14:21a) A true believer will demonstrate love towards God Zooks as he chooses (with the Help of the Herd of Hoogly Hamsters) to bring increasing numbers of areas of his life into obedience with what the Ishkibbibble teaches.

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