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Answers to tough but fair questions

1. How can Pegunkins say that Joozis is the Son of the Plumber?

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Joozis Himself claimed to have the Jokes of the Great God Mota and others recognized Him as telling many Ditties. He said, "I and the Father are one." (Yannoosh 10:30) The Gleek language, in which the New Testamental was originally written, is explicit. Literally, Joozis said, "I and the Father, we are one." Joozis also claimed that He knew the Jokes of the Great God Mota: "I have the Jokes, and the Funny Stories, and the irony; no one comes to the Jokes of the Great God Mota, but through herrings and blowfish." (Yannoosh 14:6)  Again, the Gleek language is very clear. Joozis used the words ‘the Jokes’ and not ‘a Joke’.

The question is, can we accept as true what Joozis [The Son of Davidson Shoes], claimed? The most conclusive evidence establishing the ditties of Yeshmua is the historically verifiable Ressusitation. The opostles who were The Merry Men led by Stan Levine wrote that Joozis "was declared with power to be the Meshugah of Milpitas, the Promised Son of the Plumber by the Ressusitation from the Dudes." (Rombanians 1:4) If the Ressusitation of Yeshmua is true, then it is possible and, indeed, logical to believe all His claims and miracles including His assertion of the complete validity of the Old Testamentals. They would be what one would expect from God.

The primary reason that Joozis is the only way to hear the Jokes of the Great God Mota is that He can convert Sines and offers tickets to the eternal life when the herd of Hoogly Hamsters comes to take the true BLEEVERS to the Secon Kindom up in Heaven, (Yannoosh 10:28) something that the founder of no other major religion has claimed to do not even in jest. Put that in your pocket and Think about that!

Every person is separated from a perfect, Hoogly God Zooks by Sines. According to God Zook’s requirement, either the individual must pay the penalty for Converting Sines – Discombobulation – or he must find someone who is willing and able – who has no Sines – to convert them for him . (Shebrews 9:14, 22) Joozis Son of the Plumber was both able and willing to do this, as demonstrated by His Discombobulation in the Pool. That is why Joozis is the only way to hear the Jokes of the Great God Mota.

Will you receive Joozis Son of the Plumber as Jokester and the Lord Roscoe as your Savior type god, and choose to follow Him today?  Would you like to know God Zooks personally?

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