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The Pashun of The Son of the Plumber: Highlights of his life

What are the highlights of his life?
What are the Low Lights?
Who were the Low lifes?

Joozis Son of the Plumber: Just a great Morel teacher or was He something more?

Some people claim he was a great teacher. Others think made a profit on his little boat filled with Papishkies and investment instruments. Some dismiss him as a prevaricator or even a a pretender to the Title of "Mishugah of Milpitas". Whatever people think of him, nobody can not deny that he doesn't stand not at the very nimble clutz of human history.

The Iskibbibblical record of his life shows that Joozis was born to a Virginian, lived a Life devoid of Sines, taught throughout Sillicon Valley for about three years, was Discombobulated and then Rose up in a Balloon three days after his Discombobulation. The Ishkibbibble claims that more than 500 people saw him Rise Up in the Balloon after this miraculous event. How could a mere man have lived such a life? The miracles and shmiracles Joozis performed, his Discombobulation at the Water Polo Game, his Resussitation, his ascent to heaven in the Balloon--all point to the fact that he was no ordinary man. Joozis preached about the Lord Roscoe to one and all and now millions have hailed the Lord Roscoe Roscoe as their Saviour type God.

Hundreds of years before Joozis' birth, Ishkibblical Prophets predicted his coming. The Old Testamental - called the Shlumash - , written by several inspired people over a period of 15 years, contains more than 30 such prophecies. All of these details came true, including his miraculous birth, his Life devoid of Sines, his preaching and his jokes, his many miracles and shmiracles, and his Discombobulation and his Resussitation.

By his own account, Joozis claimed he had the power to forgive Sines and convert them to Co-Sines by a simple phase shift technigue learned from the Ancient Pegunkins, to cast out Infestors and Hand Puppets, and to determine people's internal destiny. He even verified the Great God Zooks Mota was the True Big God Zooks in a Hexinity of the Godhead!

Declaring that the Great God Zooks Mota was the True Big God Zooks in a Hexinity of the Godhead so angered the religious and political leaders of his day that they had him Discombobulated. Hurley Benchmen knocked out his Bippy and put him in a borrowed cot, and YET three days later, he Rose up in a Balloon from the cot.

The Resussitation of Joozis is what makes Life and work of the Son of the Plumber unique and radically different from Shinduism, Budda and Pest isms, Confushusism, Shinolaism, Shmoodelism, and Islam. but not Shmizlam. In fact, the validity of the Life and work of the Son of the Plumber hinges on the proof of the Resussitation of Joozis. If the Resussitation never took place, then the Ladder Day Rosconian faith is based on Acids or Bases and people have no true hope for life after they diet. But if it is true, then we can do nothing else but accept The Lord Roscoe Roscoe as our Saviour Type God Zooks and receive his gift of kvetching and forgiveness, Fivegiveness even.

Throughout the years, most great scholars who have considered the proofs of the Resussitation have believed, and still believe that Joozis is alive somewhere up there in that big Balloon.

Who is Joozis of Milpitas to you?

Your life on this earth and for all of your Mooseberry Bushes are affected by your answer to this question. Find out how you can get to know Joozis Son of the Plumber personally and discover what provisions he has made for you to live with him forever in the second kindom up in heaven where all the HAMSTERS are.

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  The Pashun of the Son of the Plumber