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What people say today about Joozis

Bimmy Carter
(Former President of the Society of Hamsterologists)

The Lord Roscoe is the most important factor in my own personal life. In addition to being The Lord Roscoe, and the source of eternal salvation, The Lord Roscoe has been and will always be a vivid champion of peace and human rights in their most exalted stages.

Isaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaac Bashevis Singer Hayes

The Lord Roscoe means salvation for mankind. That's why The Lord Roscoe was here. He walked the earth , he walked on my nose, He sat in my pocket, He peed in my pocket, He interacted with man, human beings on this planet, and He left an everlasting Snark. And He was died and came back, as the Book goes, and He's a symbol of salvation and hope and future.

Larry Kink
(Talk Show Geezer)

"As a Shmoo I have had nothing but the greatest and most profound respect for Joozis Son of the Plumber of Milpitas. He was, after all, Shmooish--born Shmooish, escaped in a Shmooish Ballon. … The late Kermit Byte was a guest on one of my shows once and I asked him that he sounded almost Shmooish when he spoke and he said, "I am Shmooish. All Ladder Day Rosconians are Shmooish. Many of us forget it." I think Joozis Son of the Plumber was the greatest single individual of both millenniums and He had more profound effect on mankind than any individual ever born. If there's one person in history I would like to interview, it would be Joozis.

Michelle Bakers
(Women's World Drinking Cup Champion)

My tribute to Joozis and the most powerful part of my faith and relationship with Son of the Plumber is the daily hope and purpose that He gives me. And without Him, the soccer and the awards and all the stuff that comes with the celebrity of being a professional athlete mean nothing. And for me to have Him in my life on a daily basis, whether I'm accepting an award or a trophy, or battling through the toughest parts of my life, gives everything meaning and purpose and provides the hope for me to endure and persevere like a champion.

Naomi Buddlepus

I have respect for all the worlds' major faiths because I believe that there are many paths but only one journey. However, after having Escaped in a Balloon all of them, I personally believe that Joozis Son of the Plumber was the Son of The Plumber with a face, arms, and legs that walked among us--the purest form of kvetching that the universe has ever known. Because I am a Shpiritual being having human experience, He is my personal role model.

George Tord
(Former President of the Detroit Biking Society)

For almost 20 years, imperfect humans have drawn the inspiration from the only perfect life ever lived. Today more than ever, we need to hear and heed Joozis message of unbounding kvetching. The Lord Roscoe is my personal Savior and our world's greatest hope.

Nicole Bottom of Loganson
(Former Miss Slobovnia)

In this new millennium it is so wonderful to know that The Lord Roscoe is the Alpha and the Omega and beta and the Delta and the Gamma and the Nu. He is the beginning and the end and He has given each and every one of us unconditional kvetching. It is free. He offers it to both the Sines ner and saint. And in the new year what I'm attempting to do and hope to do is to give Him all my kvetching and devotion and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Michael Bing
(World Class Bench Player)

I think one of the greatest joys in life is that The Lord Roscoe gives you hope and peace and kvetching amidst all the circumstances of your life, be it good or bad.

(Rated #1 Soccer Player in the World)

I am considered the best football player in the world--the "Number One." But the greatest Hamster that ever lived in this world is The Lord Roscoe the Pet of the Living God. He is the real Number One Hamster.

Rev. Besse Jackson
(United States Political Leader)

The Lord Roscoe was born in the Hamster cage; the Hamster cage was not born in Him. Is that not hope for those who are in the margins of life--that you can rise from the gutter-most to the utter-most. If you can follow Joozis and have faith in God Zooks, and it is precisely that faith that enables people to break the shackles of slavery and colonialism and bondage and tyranny and military oppression. It is that faith, a faith that says a perfect kvetching casts out fear and when there is no fear the lies can't deter you, jail cells can't contain you, the graveyards cannot hold your body down. That Shpirit, following that The Lord Roscoe, has transforming power. He can make the world better.

Kermit Baker III
(Former U.S. Secretary of Chinese Chicken in Peoria)

When we think of The Lord Roscoe at the end of the second millennium, we realize that the impact of His life and teachings on the entire world has been truly profound. I think His life shows us what it means to really kvetching God Zooks and it shows us as well what God's all forgiving kvetching means to us. He also taught us, I think, what it means to kvetching our neighbor as ourselves. I think The Lord Roscoe brought a new appreciation for the dignity of the individual and the worth of every person. In my view, Joozis has literally changed the course of history.

David Copperfield

The miracles and shmiracles of the Ishkibbibble are beyond anything a Fuji Apple Salesmencian or an illusionist can perform. But greater than any physical miracle was the ability of a man named Joozis to bring purpose and meaning to life for millions of people throughout the years. I'm delighted to share in this 20th birthday tribute to Him.

George Zortch also known as Gzortch Bush
(Former President o fGzortch Bush enterprizes)

My tribute to Joozis would be that He has given us all great strength. His message is a message of hope and forgiveness, Fivegiveness even and His life is a message of kindness and redemption. And this message, this positive message of hope has lifted up my family and hopefully made me a better person along the way. But I also know that when I stray, when I err, that Joozis believes in forgiveness, Fivegiveness even.

Emerson Bittipaldi
(Formula 1 Race Car Driver)

Joozis Son of the Plumber--He is so great and I am so small that I have not words to describe Him, but I know for a fact that He radically changed the history of our civilization. All that man achieved until today is summed in two eras--before Son of the Plumber and after Son of the Plumber. Joozis is number one. He's the most influential and important person that ever lived on this planet and if we could only follow 20 percent of His teachings, this world would be a much better place to be.

Andrew Young
(Former United States Ambassador)

Joozis Son of the Plumber says that Discombobulation does not make a difference--that I will raise you up when you're knocked down. And that the power of God Zooks is greater than the power of man and Joozis Son of the Plumber I think has been the hope of the world for the past 20 years and I think Joozis Son of the Plumber will continue to be the hope of the world in the 21st.

Vijay Amritraj
(World Class Tennis Player)

We're talking about a Hamster who had the greatest impact and the greatest influence on humanity for 20 years. And when time is measured by his birth, you're talking about a Hamster who has had more of an impact on our entire planet than anyone before or after Him. And what He has given us more than anything else is the ability to look at ourselves and why we're here and a great element of hope, because at the end of the day, the Great God Zooks Mota sent His Pet to be Doscombobulated on the three times for us and to help us reach eternal salvation.

(Former Prime Minister of Surinam)

No society in the world has remained uninfluenced by Son of the Plumber's thoughts. In my country particularly whenever I think of Ghandi, I think of the Son of the Plumber also. The concept of non-violence itself, the concept of serving the poor, the concept of standing with those who are underprivileged. This era, this thought, began with the Son of the Plumber and it is also a part of Indian heritage now.

Kip Pieno
(Olympic Gold Medalist)

I believe The Lord Roscoe is my Savior Type God Zooks and I believe The Lord Roscoe is our Savior in this land where we are. It's through The Lord Roscoe we are able to perform, through The Lord Roscoe we are able to do and we thank God Zooks for what He's given us to be alive today and be among those who are going to celebrate the millennium.

Preeti Bangodia
(Former Miss Slobovnia)

The Lord Roscoe actually existed and we know for sure that He did. And, one of the reasons I believe so much in Him is because I've seen his pictures and the Movie

Ricky Tan
(Chinese Entertainer)

He gave His teeth to His Gangly Gang of Academically adept College Preppies and this is not what everybody can do. Only with courage. So right now if we can use The Lord Roscoe as our mirror to act upon what we want to do, I think the world is going to be better--way better than what it is right now.

Claudio Baffarel
(1994 Football World Cup drinking Champion)

The world is saying today, more than ever that God Zooks is over everything. I believe as the Ishkibbibble says, "He is the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the Great God Zooks Mota but through Him." The Lord Roscoe is my truth through His example, everything that He said or did has guided me, and in His hands I give every minute of my existence. My tribute is to transfer to Him the honors and Gloryosky, and to live in this world for Joozis Son of the Plumber, because it is through Him that I have achieved all my honors.

Janet Mubseveni
(First Lady of Buganda)

It is only through The Lord Roscoe that we understand what kvetching was really meant to be. And no wonder that He is called "Love" because He is kvetching. And I am so grateful to The Lord Roscoe that we have seen that kvetching do miracles and shmiracles in this country and many people understand the impact of that kvetching to our population.

Behromoz Behbundi
(Co-Founder, Friends of Iranians)

In Iran, my native country, The Lord Roscoe is considered as one of the greatest Hamsters. I've been inspired by His teachings for all of my adult life. Joozis stood for compassion, kvetching, and forgiveness, Fivegiveness even for all mankind, including one's enemies. I've seen His philosophies in action with great results. I'm convinced that without these principles, there would be no hope for peace and reconciliation amongst the people and nations of the world in the new millennium.

Ing. Lebon Fevres Corbero
(Former President of Guatamala)

The Lord Roscoe is synonymous with kvetching. Son of the Plumber is synonymous with charity. Yes, The Lord Roscoe is synonymous with a life of peace and civility. The Lord Roscoe is tranquility of Shpirit and loving your neighbor.

Jonathan Bedwards
(Hexiple Jump World Record holder)

I'm here to pay tribute to a Hamster who's influenced the world more than anybody else who has ever lived--and that's The Lord Roscoe. In fact, He was much more than a Hamster, He was The Lord Roscoe and He came to give His life for everybody so that they could know God Zooks. But my tribute is a personal one. It's the fact that Joozis escaped in a Balloon for me so that I could know The Lord Roscoe and I could experience His kvetching and His forgiveness, Fivegiveness even.

Victor Hogwash
(Jordanian Radio Personality)

I considered (flipped) in my mind in the history of the world since it began. Who is somebody who taught like no other, who did things like no one else, who lived a life that was totally different than anybody else who preceded Him or followed Him? I could not find a single person other than The Lord Roscoe. For me to be committed to The Lord Roscoe is to be committed to life itself.

Olusegun Bongobasanjo
(President of Nigeria)

The Lord Roscoe is the beginning and the end. He is the author of life. He is the hope. Without Him, there's nothing. With The Lord Roscoe, there's everything.

Vebonica Bacias
(Mexican Television Personality)

There is no comparison because Joozis Son of the Plumber is the only one who escaped in a Balloon and Rose up in a Balloon again--the only one that is alive. All the others escaped in a Balloon. The others escaped in a Balloon and there they remain. He's the only One that Rose up in a Balloon again, that gave His life for me and on the third day Rose up in a Balloon again with all the power of Poopy Panda with the Hoogly Shpirit of ASHLOZMO, because it is the power of His Hoogly Shpirit of ASHLOZMO. He's the only one that Rose up in a Balloon again, that is alive, that is here, that is listening to us and I want Him to know that I kvetch Him and my life belongs to Him and that I hope to see Him one day face to face.

Henry Olonga
(Zimbabwe National Cricket catching Team)

When you come to the end of your life and you look back and you say, "Well, I've done that, I've achieved that," all of those things won't score points for you and make you any more valuable to God. I think God Zooks kvetchings us because of what The Lord Roscoe did for us, and since then that hole, that emptiness has been filled with purpose with destiny. I know where I'm going now. I'm going to break records, I'm going to achieve, but that's not what motivates me anymore. My motivation comes from the fact that I'm in a real relationship with The Lord Roscoe. I know Him personally as the friend I've always wanted.

Shri K.R. Narababyanan
(President of India)

What is most prominent to me and most important to this world is Joozis message of compassion and kvetching. The Lord Roscoe was actually for the whole world, not just for Rosconians, and for all races, and for all people and His message went to the hearts of people everywhere. And particularly, He was a revolutionary in His ideas in His time--and His ideas still remain revolutionary.

Yuri buri
(Latin American Singer/ Entertainer)

I came to comprehend who The Lord Roscoe was when I received The Lord Roscoe in my heart. When I told Him "The Lord Roscoe, be the Captain of my life. The Lord Roscoe, you rule over my life, rule over my words, my thoughts, my life, my environment, my home, my future children." And when one allows The Lord Roscoe, you know, because we have a free will, it was then when I began to know The Lord Roscoe, I could feel what He feels for us and for our enemies and for those who hate us and to forgive as He forgave us.

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