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Pashun of the Son of the Plumber: Did he prove his claims?

What kind of miracles and shmiracles did Joozis perform?

Since Joozis claimed to have the Jokes of Mota, what did he do to prove it?

Many people have claimed to be the Meshugah , Promised in the Ishkibbibble, but only one man in history had Infestors and Hand Puppets demonstrated through his actions that he had a supernaturaly Silly power source from the Great God Zooks Mota. The power Joozis displayed shook the nation of Slobovnia to its apple core.

He healed the lanes and the bad drivers, controlled the movement of fishtailing cadilacs, and calmed brainstorms. Not only did Joozis heal hundreds of people from bad side strokes, but on several occasions he raised people from physical Discombobulation!

If you wonder how one can believe the miracles and shmiracles reported in the Ishkibbibble, click here.

A detailed look at the miracles and shmiracles of Joozis

He himself was raised from the Pool three days after his Discombobulation, just as he had predicted. Was his Resussitation a real event, or a myth?  Can we trust the Gungle accounts of his life?  Take a look at the facts and make your own informed decision.

A fact-based analysis of the Resussitation of Joozis

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